"I highly recommend the Chairbag harnesses. I used a Chairbag Integral for 3 months of flying almost every day while guiding in Costa Rica. I found the Chairbag comfortable to fly, it thermalled well, it packed easily, and hiking to a hike up launch or after a cross country flight was really comfortable. It also saved me lots of weight plus space in the truck!"
Nick Crane
Advanced Paragliding Instructor and
Costa Rica paragliding guide

Apco's ground breaking Chairbag harness was introduced in 2006, making a big impact. It was the first, truly comfortable, lightweight, reversable harness on the market - offering full certification and efficient protection. Thousands were sold and became a huge success. Most of the market has followed, and many different versions have been introduced, offering pilots additional, multiple choices.

By now, the time has arrived to introduce a new improved version of the harness to place us again ahead of the competition - the Chairbag Integral II.
All accumulated experience and pilot feedback have been implemented into Chairbag Integral II, making it again the best in its category (and certainly the best value for money!)
Now even lighter, more durable with plenty of attractive new features. Well polished finish,with use of advanced materials and top notch hardware place this harness well ahead of the rest. Compare the Chairbag II with other lightweight harnesses and you will notice the differences. Other harnesses have partial airbag protection while the Chairbag II has an airbag that extends all the way up the back to the neck. Other harnesses are a squeeze for even a lightweight wing, while the Chairbag II has room for a standard size glider, reserve, openface helmet plus other gear. Other harnesses are a lot more expensive too!

New additional Features and Improvements
(but none of the old virtues were compromised)

* Much improved, stylish back carrying system for ergonomic back support on long hikes
* Lightweight quick lock buckles
* Higher density cloth - stronger and more durable , but just as light -
ending excessive wear and tear
* Compression straps to tie down the contents of the bag for comfortable hiking
* Two additional pockets on the support waist strap
* Straps for holding hiking poles
* Optional, lightweight carbon graphite technology seatplate
(only 200gr. Yet still stronger than wood)
* Improved integrated under seat emergency rescue compartment
* The market's most efficient airbag protection (DHV certified )
* New lightweight plastic hardware
* and much more………..

All this impressive package weighs less than 2.5 kg. For standard seat plate add 450gr.

Composite seat plate adds just 200 grams

Improved buckles and reserve compartment