Apco Edge Paragliding Harness

Apco Edge paragliding harness

Apco Edge Paragliding Harness
Apco’s EDGE paragliding harness shares the principles and design approach common to traditional APCO harnesses in a stylish narrower profile desired by intermediate and advanced paraglider pilots. It will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic harness with total comfort, maximum security and loads of extras, with reduction in volume and weight and insuring trouble-free long-lasting service. (But please don’t fly it with Tevas!)

EDGE harness includes a redesigned air foam protector – with improved absorption qualities, tested and certified by the DHV. The Edge has a sophisticated webbing system to allow both a more upright sitting position or a more supine approach, to get the most comfortable and efficient position for thermalling as well as transitions on speed bar. It also makes for more comfortable kiting and launching, as well as “standing tall” for landing. Have a detailed look at the EDGE's webbing structure »
Edge details

Edge Harness Features:
  • Clean outline - moulded, clean shape. Low drag – slim, narrow profile. Low volume – easy to pack
  • Emergency parachute container located at bottom of harness – with deployment handle on the side, easily accessible
  • Redesigned webbing system with integrated "don't forget leg-strap" buckles, decreasing the possibility of launching with unsecured leg straps.
  • Ultimate comfort and back support aided by semi-rigid elements integrated into the back of the harness, designed to spread the load.
  • Versatile accelerator system with floating seat plate - for ultimate drag savings in accelerated position and easy in and out from the harness.
  • Foam cushion placed between emergency parachute and seat plate for additional impact protection
  • Side protector - high energy absorbing polystyrene
  • Ample space in back pocket for storage of bag etc. Prepared to hook-in radio or ballast in the back space
  • Integrated side pocket Additional internal document pocket in the back
  • Built-in ABS system for adjustment of weight shift control Weight shift sensitivity adjuster (webbing adjustments for rear of seat plate)
  • Available in 3 sizes - S/M / L/XL / XXL
  • Comes standard with a footrest/stirrup to help steering and for added comfort
  • Two internal side pockets for camera and radio stowage
  • Partial front neoprene closure, Heavy duty, scratch resistant bottom cloth Air mesh lining for breathability and comfort
  • APCO’s famous Wonder Bar compatible

Standard: Air foam w/Lexan, side protection, steel carabiners, footrest/stirrup

The Edge harness has a pilot protection system, combining the usual air foam type protector with a Lexan sheet which aids in spreading the load over the absorbing area of the air foam for maximum protection. Air foam pad w/Lexan, polystyrene side protection, Steel Carabiners and a footrest/stirrup all come standard with any Edge Harness from Apcowest.

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