Apco Karma DHV 1 Paraglider

Apco Karma dhv 1 paraglider
The Apco KARMA Paraglider is APCO’s latest addition to its range of gliders. It has been long awaited and over a year in development Apco created a perfect paraglider for new and progressing pilots. Apco’s ongoing research and development program combined with 30 years of experience in designing wings has shown us which design developments can allow for substantial increases in both performance and safety – which were fully implemented in the KARMA.

KARMA best glide in a DHV 1
KARMA out-performs many DHV 1-2 gliders while maintaining DHV 1 security at all speeds. Best of all, the handling is simply excellent, whether on the ground during launch, or thermalling up, racing through the sky and climbing with complete confidence in the strongest and tightest of thermals. In fact, the KARMA had the best glide of any DHV 1 paraglider measured by leading French Paragliding Magazine Vol Libre. You can read the whole article at Vol Libre Jan 2008

For new and progressing paraglider pilots
KARMA is designed for new paraglider pilots during or after training or for any paragliding pilot searching for a wing which inspires confidence, but at the same time delivers the handling and performance to fly high and far. Apco KARMA lets the pilot relax, concentrating on flying, safe in the knowledge that the wing has passed the most recent and stringent DHV safety tests.(DHV stands for Deutsher Hangegleiter Verband, the German Hanggliding Paragliding Federation) KARMA’s performance boundaries have been pushed even further, handling is even sweeter, safety more reassuring and launch is easier than ever.

New Design and New Materials
New profile, further planform evolution, and loads of design innovations were a major factor in improving overall performance of KARMA The glider weight has been sharply reduced, even though we are still using our time-proven, reliable Gelvenor cloth (in fact KARMA is lighter than most rival gliders in its Class) The “new and improved” version of Gelvenor allows us to offer a LIFE-TIME Warranty on the Karma, and all 2008 Apco paragliders.

KARMA Paramotor Version
The Apco Karma is also available in a paramotor version, with modified risers with trimmers. Based on the ultra safe DHV-1 Karma paraglider, it offers the ideal solution as a school paramotor or as a first paramotor for the novice pilot.

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