Apco Libra Paraglider EN C rated

Apco Libra Paraglider
LIBRA is APCO’s latest cross country high-performance glider, which has the finest handling ever made by APCO. Intensive work on research and development made the LIBRA a flawless combination of excellent safety and high-performance, a balance unmatched previously.

LIBRA's performance is a result of a super-low drag design, incorporating embedded minimal drag top line cascade (pioneered by APCO), "zero drag" revolutionary Bullet risers and drastically reduced total line length. Carefully crafted efficient profile also plays an important role in delivering the performance you expect from APCO. It will excite you from the first moment you take flight.
LIBRA - free your spirit and soar

New hi-tech profile – result of APCO’s intensive research - further improvement of Vista's profile
Embedded minimum drag top Dyneema lines unsheathed (lifetime guarantee) - pioneered by APCO
Top and bottom surface color design
Bullet risers - revolutionary, unique zero drag design, exclusive to APCO
Accelerated flight brake compensator for wider speed range
APCO traditional double-coated cloth for extended durability
All metal parts Stainless Steel or Aluminum
Neodymium brake magnets - Strong grip and fool-proof use
Brake line connected to handle via swivels to eliminate line twists
Advanced diagonal rib structure
Flexon™ battens system for ultimate durability
Heavy-duty Technora® lines
Reduced intake size, optimizing performance, inflation characteristics and reopening behavior
Advanced, internal rib structure to prevent deformation of the sail and total line length reduction
Apco Libra paraglider color jade/white

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Apco Libra Paraglider colors
Apco Libra paraglider colors