Apco Thrust 09 powered paraglider

Apco Thrust 09 Pwered Paraglider

THRUST 09 –Apco’s all-purpose paramotor wing now seriously improved for the coming season.
Apco’s Thrust has claimed worldwide fame as one of the most desirable paramotor wings. After serving for a number of years it is time to launch a new, updated version of this great wing, the Apco THRUST 09. Last year's best seller is now an even greater wing, the THRUST 09.
The Apco THRUST 09 is based on the philosophy of the original Thrust, but Apco has incorporated all the latest, cutting edge materials and innovations to make it a better performing, longer lasting, easier handling, much lighter wing.

THRUST 2009 Paramotor Paraglider Design
  • Launch - spotless - no matter with wind or no wind, cross or tail on every hill, any time of the year - easy as never before
  • Ground Handling – THRUST 2009 positions itself over head with no effort and just hovers there even in the slightest wind with no sign of collapse, waiting for the pilot to be ready to accelerate into the air
  • In the air the wing acceleration is smooth, and THRUST 2009 willingly responds to the engine’s thrust
  • Handling - light, precise, immediate
  • Flying - awesome
  • Safety – unshakable
  • Landing – piece of cake!
  • Out of gas? (expensive today) – THRUST 2009 is well suited to free flying too and can be supplied with paragliding risers on request.
THRUST 09 Lighter, Safer, just as Tough!
THRUST 09 is now made from the new lightweight Gelvenor siliconized cloth with optional 5 Year/500 hour warranty, shedding 500gr. of its weight.
New, sophisticated FLEXON® batten system incorporated - replacing mylar reinforcement on L/E - which saves another 300 grams from the weight of the glider.
Thrust 2009 is now lighter by almost one kilo - thanks to the new cloth and sophisticated FLEXON® system - a dramatic change with far reaching consequences for launch and safety.

detail of Apco Thrust 2009 Flexon batten  system
New FLEXON® batten system is virtually indestructible and will guarantee even, excellent launch and performance over the lifespan of the glider.
THRUST 09 now the number one easiest launching, lightest paramotor wing around, without sacrificing any of its legendary durability.

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