APCO will offer on all gliders produced from new Gelvenor cloth,
a revolutionary 5 Year / 500 Hour Warranty against porosity deterioration which in our opinion is equal to a life-time warranty on a paraglider.

Apco together with Gelvenor have further improved their cloth. The new cloth is exactly the same as the well known, time-proven original Gelvenor paragliding cloth, but is lighter
by 10gr-11gr, making the cloth as light (or lighter) as cloth from competitors.

Porosity measurements are 3 to 4 times better than the previous Gelvenor cloth,
measuring 3,000-4,000 seconds on JDC porosity meter - truly unbelievable results.
Washing and tumbling test results were unprecidented too, showing previously unseen durability and resistance to elements.
Our intensive testing over a long period of time confirmed that the cloth is superior in all aspects and we are now fully confident of its advantages and we are gradually shifting all our production to use this new cloth.

To show our confidence in this newly developed cloth, we have started using it on all our wings.

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